Another takeover for HR service provider Planet Group

The Ghent HR service provider Planet Group takes over the company Bizztalent in Antwerp.

In February, Planet Group announced the acquisition of Solid Talent. In 2023, Planet Group took over the Walloon employment agency for the healthcare sector Nurse & Co.

Planet Group is active in four areas for which it provides flexible and temporary staffing solutions. These four sub-areas are: IT, HR, the healthcare sector, and the more broadly oriented Interim & Recruitment.

The acquisition of Bizztalent falls into the IT category. Antwerp-based Bizztalent is a secondment company for specialists in IT infrastructure. The Antwerp company, which was founded in 2012, has a turnover of 10 million euros and has 135 employees throughout Belgium.

The company’s three partners together retain a minority share of 15 percent. They will remain operationally on board and will further develop their business within the Planet Group structure.

“IT-Planet and Bizztalent remain independent of each other, but will follow a complementary course together under the wings of Planet Group”, says Sam Baro, CEO of the Planet group. “The acquisition gives both companies an even greater market position within IT consulting.”

Baro wants to grow its HR company into a group with a turnover of 250 million euros over the next five years, partly through a buy & build strategy.


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