WEBINAR: ‘Cross-border Mid-market M&A in turbulent times’

Last modified: 07 May 2024 07:18
Webinar Moore, 'Cross-border Mid-market M&A in turbulent times', MandA, M&A Community
Discover the latest trends shaping the mid-market M&A landscape in the webinar.

Vlerick Business School and Moore Global Corporate Finance have joined forces to gain data-driven insight in the trends that mark these movements, and bundle the conclusions in their yearly Cross-border Mid-market M&A Compass.

This year’s Compass offers a fascinating insight into the state of the mid-market before, during and after COVID. It paints a picture of a roller coaster period of pre-COVID boom, followed by a lull as the pandemic disrupted lives, businesses and economies. The average deal size in the mid-market has grown significantly to € 47.4 million, whilst the total number of M&A deals slipped back 13% last year.  At the same time, announced M&A activity rose in the course of 2023, indicating a probably more robust 2024.  

More detailed analysis gives further insight in industries and regions targeted, and the growing influence of family offices. The five year horizon confirms the US and UK remaining the most active buyers globally and in Europe, but also shows the trend of Asian companies becoming more active and of Australia becoming more attractive as a target.

Discover the latest trends shaping the mid-market M&A landscape in this webinar.

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