‘Still uncertain whether The Body Shop Belgium will restart’

Last modified: 14 March 2024 10:07
It is not certain whether The Body Shop will make a restart in Belgium, the curator reports.

The Belgian branch of the chain went bankrupt last week and The Body Shop is also experiencing financial problems in other countries.

“There is currently no clarity about the future of the stores. There is interest from buyers though”, reports curator Alice van der Schee of The Body Shop Belgium. She does not say how much interest there is.

According to Van der Schee, the bankrupt Belgian branch has thirteen stores. Two have already closed before. Financial problems also exist at the British branch and the German branch. Van der Schee cannot say at the moment what exactly is going on. According to her, the investigation is still ongoing.

The curator does not know whether The Body Shop is also experiencing problems in the Netherlands. A spokeswoman for the cosmetics chain states that there are no financial problems in the Netherlands. She says that The Body Shop’s Dutch stores will remain open.

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