Mercier Van Lanschot combination starts in Belgium

Last modified: 18 January 2024 11:28
Mercier Vanderlinden and Van Lanschot Belgium continue together as Mercier Van Lanschot.

Mercier Van Lanschot launched in January as a new brand on the wealth management market in Belgium, following the merger of Van Lanschot Belgium and Mercier Vanderlinden.

The combination, with 10.5 billion euros in assets under management (Q3 2023), is among the top private banks in Belgium. The ambition is to continue the growth momentum, after Mercier Vanderlinden and Van Lanschot Belgium achieved a net inflow of 0.6 billion euros in assets under management in the first three quarters of 2023.

The rebranding to Mercier Van Lanschot is the latest milestone in the collaboration that started in 2021, when Van Lanschot Kempen acquired a majority stake in Mercier Vanderlinden, followed by the acquisition of the remaining stake in 2023. Based on one strong shared vision on asset management and wealth planning, Characterized by decisiveness, simplicity and entrepreneurship, the combined teams have now combined their brands, strengths and complementary activities.

Mercier Van Lanschot offers clients solutions within discretionary asset management and investment advice, wealth planning & family services, financing and family officer services. The focus is on the long term, based on a solid and stable investment philosophy based on price discipline, bottom-up fundamental research and conviction.

Mercier Van Lanschot is led by a joint management team consisting of: Thomas Vanderlinden, CEO; Paul Timmermans, responsible for IT, business support, customer service and internal control, among other things; and Frédéric Van Doosselaere, responsible, among other things, for financial, legal and tax affairs, HR, Asset Management and Investment Advice. Stéphane Mercier remains responsible for the funds managed by Mercier Van Lanschot.

Thomas Vanderlinden, CEO Mercier Van Lanschot: “Our new brand underlines our shared vision on wealth management and commitment to the future. With one name and one team we give our customers clarity. The merger creates a wealth manager for clients with a broadened offering, supported by the solid Van Lanschot Kempen and a network of no fewer than 1,800 in-house experts.”

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