Intermarché sells Flemish stores to Colruyt

Last modified: 20 March 2024 11:16
Intermarché gives up its Flemish ambitions and sells the last stores.

According to the website, the Intermarché supermarkets in Tienen and Aarschot are currently having a sale and will close their doors at the end of this month. The retailer  reports that the stores will later reopen as Colruyt.

A Colruyt Group spokesperson confirms the news to RetailDetail: “Both properties have been owned by Colruyt Group for some time, and the trade agreements will also be taken over on April 2. The employees of both stores will be offered a contract by Colruyt Group. The two supermarkets will close for several months for renovations and then reopen as Colruyt Lowest Prices in the autumn.”

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