Guido Dumarey wants to take over ailing Van Hool

The entrepreneur wants to have everything in order by the end of 2024.

Entrepreneur Guido Dumarey wants to take over the bus builder from Koningshooikt after a controlled bankruptcy and make a quick restart. He wants to take over 1,800 employees or at least three quarters of the existing staff.

This is reported by the business newspaper De Tijd.

According to Dumarey, Van Hool should also start a defense division that provides at least 10 percent of turnover, because more can be earned from it.

Dumarey gives the takeover attempt about a 30 percent chance of success. According to the entrepreneur, foreign parties are also interested in a restart.

Dumarey became known with industrial group Punch International. Last year he bought Woodall Nicholson in the United Kingdom, a manufacturer of smaller buses that had gotten into trouble.

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