Family De Brandt sells bread-and-butter to Irish company

De Brandt Dairy International, part of Group De Brandt, is taken over.

The acquiring party of the Belgian butter company is the Irish dairy cooperative Lakeland Dairies. De Tijd reports this.

The press release states that the deal concerns De Brandt Dairy International, the butter manufacturer that is part of Group De Brandt. De Brandt’s butters are purchased by biscuit factories, industrial bakeries, chocolate products and ice cream factories.

Also part of the group is the logistics branch Food Logistics. This entity will not be acquired. Group De Brandt is a family business where the De Brandt family is still at the helm after more than a century. Herwig De Brandt is today company director, Valerie De Brandt is managing director.

It is not clear what Lakeland Dairies will pay for the acquisition.

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