Entourage Capital invests in Ghent AI start-up Tekst.com

The Ghent start-up Tekst.com has developed an AI platform that extracts data from texts.

The Ghent start-up Tekst.com has raised capital from Entourage Capital. It concerns 700,000 euros.

As a student, Wouter Janssen, CEO of Tekst.com, and his Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tiebe Parmentier used AI to organize their own inbox. They saw the potential. In 2021 they founded Tekst.com.

Their AI platform accurately converts unstructured text into usable data, finally allowing large enterprises to automate even the most complex back-office operations, resulting in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

“Existing software based on recognising keywords and setting rules can automatically label about 20 percent of incoming mail traffic at an average company, with low accuracy. That is too little for companies to efficiently automate handling”, says Tiebe Parmentier, CTO and co-founder of Tekst.com.

“The custom-trained AI models we offer to our customers can figure out the meaning of many more messages, with higher accuracy. The fact that this eliminates repetitive tasks is not only excellent news for the companies themselves, it is also positive for employees. We take ‘boring’ operations out of their hands, making their work more enjoyable.”

The company has about ten employees and has already acquired major customers in its short existence. These customers include the global player in medical equipment Becton Dickinson and the large dairy cooperative Milcobel. “Those customers found us themselves, via LinkedIn and the site”, says CEO and co-founder Janssen.

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