CluePoints receives capital injection from EQT

The software provider for RBQM and data quality oversight in clinical trials seeks accelerating growth.

CluePoints, a leading provider of AI-driven software solutions for clinical data review, receives significant investment for continued growth from EQT. EQT is a market-leading investor in both SaaS (Software as a Service) and medical research industries.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Belgium, CluePoints is a cloud-based software platform for Risk-Based Quality Management (‘RBQM‘) and data quality oversight in clinical trials, designed to enable safer and more efficient processes and improving data integrity and risk compliance.

As scientific breakthroughs and advancements in technology and data are accelerating healthcare innovation, the markets for RBQM and data interrogation & analytics software are expected to experience strong growth.

In this highly thematic investment at the intersection of pharma, software and AI, EQT will apply its expertise investing in healthcare and throughout the tech value-chain to help CluePoints cement its leading global position. Summit Partners, an investor in CluePoints since 2020, and Clinimetrics SA, a co-founder of CluePoints, will retain minority stakes with participation in this funding round

EQT is pleased to announce that the EQT Healthcare Growth Strategy and the EQT Growth Fund have agreed to acquire a majority stake in CluePoints with meaningful reinvestment from the management team and existing shareholders Summit Partners and Clinimetrics SA, which was also a co-founder of the Company.

This new investment comes at a time when CluePoints is seeing accelerating growth, underpinned by increasing adoption of RBQM software across virtually all clinical trial phases.

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