Biobest Group completes acquisition of Biobest Antalya

With the transaction, both Biobest Group and Antilsan guarantee the strengthening of their position.

Biobest Group from Westerlo has completed the complete takeover of Biobest Antalya. The Belgian company will also take over the remaining 40 percent of the shares. The companies have been working together since 1998.

The Turkish Biobest Antalya is an expert in the field of pollination with bumblebees and biological pesticides. The company aims to further exploit the Turkish horticultural sector. Antilsan wants to focus more on fertilizers, biostimulants and the distribution of agrochemical products.

The mission of the Biobest Group, founded in 1987, is to contribute to the global sustainable production of high-quality crops by being the most reliable partner in biological crop protection and pollination.

The long-term and successful partnership between Biobest and Antilsan started in 1998 as a joint venture, which grew into a full-fledged production and distribution company in the subsequent period until 2014. Although Biobest and Antilsan will continue as fully independent companies, they will continue to work together in the future.

Marc Mertens, Senior Vice-President of Biobest: “We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Antilsan and would like to thank them for the excellent cooperation over the past 25 years. My thanks also go to the management team of Biobest Antalya. Year in and year out, even in economically and financially challenging times, they have demonstrated their ability to grow the business, developing into a company of choice for Turkish growers who value quality products and good technical advice. We look forward to further developing this promising position to support growers in Turkey, but also beyond, with the increasingly important challenges of sustainable production.”

“The partnership with Biobest was a great experience that benefited both parties, ensuring that Turkish growers had access to leading technologies and expertise. We are proud of what we have achieved together”, said Ulaş Yildirim, General Manager of Antilsan. “Given the good prospects in the Turkish horticultural sector, Antilsan’s biostimulants and pesticides business has enormous potential, and this transaction will allow us to put our investment plans into action more quickly. These investments include R&D, the development of our own products and the expansion of our commercial presence across the country.”

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