Billion-dollar stake in Ab InBev passes from father to son

Last modified: 08 January 2024 17:44
Marcel Herrmann Telles formed the basis of the beer chain through acquisitions.

A major shareholder of the beer company AB InBev has transferred his share in the company to his son. This concerns a transfer by Marcel Herrmann Telles, a Brazilian billionaire and co-founder of the investment company 3G Capital. The value of his stake in An InBev is 6.1 billion dollar. The beneficiary is Telles’ son Max.

Marcel Herrmann Telles led the Brazilian brewer Brahma until 2004, together with two other Brazilian entrepreneurs. In 2004, Brahma merged with Interbrew, which led to Ambev. After the American Anheuser-Busch was taken over, AB InBev was created.

The three Brazilians have packaged their interest in AB InBev in the company BRC, which is half owned by Stichting AK Nederland. This foundation controls more than a third of AB InBev’s ownership.

Nothing has been disclosed about the financial structure for passing on the An InBev piece from father to son.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, often referred to simply as AB-InBev, is the largest brewery chain in the world. The multinational company has its headquarters in Leuven.

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