Belgian e-invoicing platform Lucy acquired

Accounting platform Yuki announces the acquisition of Lucy.

Lucy is a specialist in sending and receiving e-invoices. Yuki is a Dutch accounting platform owned by Norwegian software giant Visma.

The strategic step underlines Yuki’s belief in the future of Peppol and e-invoicing. The acquisition of Lucy strengthens their ambition to simplify the financial administration even more.

With the new Peppol legislation, which will come into effect from 2026 in Belgium and from 2028 in the rest of Europe, the pressure on accountants and the urgency for entrepreneurs is growing. Reason for Yuki to offer e-invoicing via Peppol for some time already.

The acquisition of Lucy enables the company to provide every entrepreneur and accountant with an innovative solution for receiving and sending invoices via Peppol – and moreover: completely independently of Yuki’s accounting platform.

With Lucy, Yuki offers a convenient, efficient and user-friendly solution for e-invoicing. Through Lucy, entrepreneurs and accountants gain access to the Peppol network, but Lucy also introduces one uniform and consistent working method within every accounting firm for activating and managing the incoming Peppol flow – regardless of which accounting software the company has already implemented.

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