American takeover of Flemish Edgard & Cooper

The Kortrijk pet food manufacturer Edgard & Cooper comes into American hands.

Edgard & Cooper, the fast-growing Flemish manufacturer of dog and cat food, is acquired by the American multinational General Mills. The three founders remain at the helm.

General Mills is a major food manufacturer. Well-known brands in the portfolio include Cheerios, Häagen-Dazs and Bugles.

Edgard & Cooper sold more than 100 million euros worth of pet food in 13 countries in 2023, but is still loss-making. The brand’s strengths are its omnichannel distribution strategy, the focus on sustainability and the use of fresh ingredients in balanced recipes.

“We’re excited to join the international portfolio of General Mills brands and continue doing what Edgard & Cooper is passionate about – making better dog and cat food with real ingredients that pets love and pet owners can relate to” says Koen Bostoen, founder of Edgard & Cooper.

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