Acquisition of VPM’s interest in Gimv by WorxInvest completed

WorxInvest is the new long-term partner to continue the Gimv growth story.

The sale of Gimv shares by the Flemish Participation Company (VPM) to the diversified investment company WorxInvest was finally completed today. All necessary regulatory approvals have now been obtained, allowing the transaction that was already announced to close on November 30, 2023.

This makes WorxInvest the new reference shareholder of Gimv, the European investment company listed on Euronext Brussels, with a 28.73 percent stake after additional purchases between signing and closing.

Following the completion of this transaction, there will also be a reshuffle in Gimv’s board of directors. Filip Dierckx is co-opted into the board of directors of Gimv and becomes chairman. In addition, Gimv’s board of directors co-opts the following two directors on the recommendation of WorxInvest: Robert van Goethem and Marc Valentiny.

Upon completion of this transaction, the following directors representing VPM resigned from the board of directors of Gimv: Hilde Laga, Marc Descheemaecker, Jan Desmeth and Geert Peeters.

Filip Dierckx, Executive Chairman of WorxInvest and incoming Chairman of Gimv, explains: “We are pleased to start a new entrepreneurial chapter in the further development of Gimv together with Gimv, where WorxInvest shares the same values ​​and investment philosophy with Gimv. Both Gimv and WorxInvest aspire to sustainably maximize value in their portfolio companies.

The investment in Gimv is a major step in the rollout of WorxInvest’s strategy that was announced in November 2023. It will form the basis of the direct investment strategy that we are building. WorxInvest is committed to stimulating Gimv’s profitable growth in the long term. We look forward to working with Koen Dejonckheere and his team to ensure the success of this value-creating partnership.”

Hilde Laga, Outgoing Chairman of Gimv, states: “We are particularly proud of what Gimv has been able to achieve over the past 44 years. We would like to thank the Flemish government for the trust and support during this process. It is with great confidence in the future of Gimv that we can now complete this transaction. We are convinced that WorxInvest is the ideal long-term partner to continue this great growth story. We wish the Gimv team every success in continuing “Building Leading Companies” in collaboration with the new reference shareholder.”

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