11 stores from bankrupt Fun chain are acquired

Last modified: 23 February 2024 10:26
Toy chain ToyChamp and furniture seller Jysk are acquiring 11 Fun stores through a joint bid.

Last Friday, February 16, the 27 stores of the Fun chain were declared bankrupt. A few hours later it was announced that the Belgian toy store chain ToyChamp, its affiliated Dreamland and the Danish furniture chain Jysk will take over 11 of the 27 stores (9 for ToyChamp and 2 for Jysk).

ToyChamp has announced that 9 locations where Fun stores were located will be renovated. 6 will be converted into ToyChamp stores, the other 3 will be Dreamland branch resettlements.

Fun had been in trouble for some time. Earlier last week, the chain’s management had already announced that it would file for bankruptcy. The shops were open until Thursday. A sale took place a few weeks ago, with the intention of continuing to pay the wages of the staff. Fun employed more than 200 people.

Bridgefield Corporate Finance advised ToyChamp and Jysk in the acquisition of the 11 Fun stores.

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